TOSIL Systems is a technology company with a focus on VLSI and Embedded Electronics. We offer reliable end-to-end SoC / ASIC / FPGA design services across multiple domains. Our Team has laid their hands on full chip implementations, all the way from 350nm down to 7nm. TOSIL Front End team has expertise in various bus protocols, verification models, embedded processors and has experience in HDL / HVL based verification. Our Physical Design engineers are trained to be adaptable live up to the breadth of architectural demands thrown at them, right from low foot print IoT and Automotive, to huge networking ASICs.

TOSIL VLSI Team can support design houses right from Architecture Definition to System Modeling, RTL Design, Verification, FPGA Prototyping, Synthesis, DFT, STA and Physical Design. TOSIL's VLSI / FPGA services are listed below.

RTL Design
  • Concept to Implementation
  • Algorithm to RTL Conversion
  • FPGA to ASIC Migration
  • DSP Implementations
  • IP Design, Integration
  • High speed interfaces (MIPI CSI/DSI, HDMI, PCIe, SATA2/3, DDR2/3 etc)
  • Designs with Embedded Processors
RTL Verification
  • C, Python, SystemC, Matlab Modelling
  • System verification using HDL, C, System C, System Verilog
  • Creation and verification of Bus Functional Models
  • Verification using ARM bus functional models
  • Assertion / Coverage based verification
ASIC Physical Design
  • Technology Nodes up to 16FF
  • Die Size and Power Estimations
  • SoC level Partitioning, Pin Assignment and Budgeting
  • Critical IP closure ownership
  • SoC level “ Clock Tree Synthesis ” Strategy Definition and Execution
  • STA-SI Methodology Definition and Analysis
  • Physical Verification
FPGA Implementation
  • FPGA prototyping for ASIC validation
  • FPGA prototyping for proof-of-concept
  • System Development using Ultrascale+ MPSoC
  • Software and FPGA capabilities in single team
  • Extensive experience in Xilinx FPGAs

Looking for

Product / Proto Design
Embedded Software
Machine Learning