TOSIL gives special focus to build embedded capabilities in the IoT space. TOSIL System’s Muti-Sensor Wireless Platform consist of Devices, Hosts and gateways. The Device is a five sensor IoT endpoint. It has support for PIR, Temperature, Humidity, Light and Accelerometer sensors on a single platform. This ultra low-power, small form factor device supports operation using a single button cell. The device can communicate the status of any chosen sensor status to its Host / Gateway devices with in up to 100 meter range. Our sub 1GHz RF communication system target Global deployment as it can be used in India, Europe, US or Japan.

This plug and play Host / Gateway can support up to 100+ endpoints with multi-level data security. It supports Sub 1GHz RF communication with end-points and WiFi / Ethernet connectivity to server. The host can support multiple cloud clients like options (AWS, Assure, Bluemix or Custom cloud) and can act as a Gateway. However, when there are 1000’s of endpoints a dedicated Gateway is preferred.