TOSIL Systems is a technology start-up with a focus on Embedded Electronics. Passion for embedded engineering is the driving force of TOSIL. We provide quality engineering services to R & D companies across multiple verticals to realise their dreams. We are committed as a partner with principles to all of customers. We believe that employees are the biggest asset of any organization. Customer satisfaction is an outcome of Employee satisfaction.

TOSIL's MV / ML experience spans across multiple domains like Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Electronics. Recent developments in Autonomous Driving has created a big need for MV / ML algorithm development, training and its implementation in embedded hardware. TOSIL engineers give special focus in porting the algorithms to embedded platforms, improving / optimising the performance and the hardware validation of the system. TOSIL's ML / MV services are listed below.

Computer Vision
  • Image Processing / Segmentation
  • Feature Extraction
  • Object Detection
Deep Learning
  • CNN Techniques
  • Implementations using
    • OpenCV
    • TensorFlow
    • Keras
Porting Applications to Embedded Platform
  • Porting Applications to Linux
  • Performance Optimization
  • Porting and Testing on Embedded Platform

Looking for

Product / Proto Design
Embedded Software
Machine Learning